Monday, 29 May 2017

A conference, a workshop and one seminar: some experiences in order to presents the results of our research

Hi Fellows, 

welcome back! Summer is almost here, finally! Do you feel it? =) 

During April and May, I had the opportunity to attend to a conference, a workshop and a seminar. 
In these situations, I presented the results of our research project to experts and decision-makers. Indeed, I attended the Stephenson conference in London, at the end of April, where I met both experts from industry (such as railway companies, e.g. Bombardier, Network Rail, etc. and consulting firms, e.g. Amey, Mott MacDonald Group, etc.), and professors and researchers from international universities. There, I have given a 20-minutes presentation in order to discuss the first results of the project, which were achieved during the first year of the PhD (Figure 1). 

Figure 1. Presentation at the Stephenson conference.

In a similar way, the 24th and 25th of May, I attended the first TRUSS workshop, where I discussed about my research project with international attendees. During the first day of the workshop, each ESR had a poster presentation in order to explain the objectives of his PhD and discuss possible methods and collaborations with the attendees (Figure 2). On the contrary, during the second day of the workshop, each ESR carried out a presentation with the aim of discussing the last achievements of the research (Figure 3). 

Figure 2. The poster session at the TRUSS workshop

Figure 3. Research progress presentation at the TRUSS workshop.
Finally, in the next days, the 30th and 31st of May, I attend the 52nd Esreda semianr in Kaunas, Lithuania. There, I am going to present my research in front of an international audience that is made of professors, decision-makers and critical infrastructure experts. 

I will keep you updated with the new adventure of the project!!